The art forms to air.

Air Museum Experience
The AIR MUSEUM shows the “airparc” (on loan from Festo AG & Co. KG, designed and constructed in 2004 by Wilhelm Koch, Oskar Lottner, Andreas Schönberger) – all of them large objects painted in grey.

Air Museum Technology
LÜDECKE AG – pneumatic couplings with the “pneumatic pinball machine”, GRAMMER AG – pneumatic, air-conditioned seats, HERDING – filter systems, KAESER Air Compressor, Hövding - Airbag for cyclists, Ralf G. Augenstein – fan collection …

Air Museum Variety Objects on loan and pictures by artists, architects and designers e. g. Max Streicher, Drone by Björn Schülke, Kengo Kuma, Günter Dollhopf, Sasha Frolova, Jan van Munster, Johannes Borst, Peter Engel, Klaas Kuiken, Susu Gorth, Pablo de la Riestra, Wilhelm Koch – former Gummeum collection “Squaring of the Tube”, air ascending the stairs, inflated artist, buckled circle, thick and thin air, wind pipes, air pressure wave, vacuum blower, Ch-air, ...

Bestände des ehemaligen GUMMEUMS:

Quadratur des Schlauches, Modell des Vesuna-Turmes, Pneurad, Luft die Treppe hinaufsteigend, Aufgeblasener Künstler, Geknickter Kreis, dicke und dünne Luft, Luftröhren, Druckluftwelle, Saugbläser . . .